Ireckon – what do you reckon?

One month on from the launch of Ireckon’s first question we’d like to share some of the results that we’ve had so far. Although we’re always hoping that more people will find the app and join the fun. Let’s find out what we all reckon about things!

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Most desirable smart watch?

  1. LG G Watch – 65.3%
  2. Samsung Gear Live – 30.6%
  3. Sony Smart Watch 2 – 2.8%
  4. Pebble – 1.4%

A surprisingly strong turn out for the LG G Watch. When we played with both watches, everyone here preferred the Samsung over the LG.

Who is your favourite Harry?

  1. Potter – 61.9%
  2. Houdini – 25.4%
  3. Prince – 7.9%
  4. Styles – 4.8%

Potter rules the world it appears, but fantastic to see Houdini in second place. Although if Harry Styles wants to replicate Houdini’s suspended strait jacket escape then I’ll happily change my vote.

Who made the best Bond?

  1. Sean Connery – 36.6%
  2. Daniel Craig – 26.8%
  3. Pierce Brosnan – 19.5%
  4. Roger Moore – 17.1%

The original and the best, Mr. Connery showing the later Bonds how it’s done. But it was a difficult question to answer as they all make great James Bonds.

Which is the best phone?

  1. HTC One (M8) – 46.7%
  2. Galaxy S5 – 33.3%
  3. iPhone 5S – 13.3%
  4. Lumia 930 – 6.7%

Ahhh, the HTC One (M8), the best phone you never bought. You have to feel sorry for HTC when Samsung achieves massive sales figures while the world at large prefers the One.

Which is your favourite Disney princess?

  1. Belle – 38.1%
  2. Cinderella – 33.3%
  3. Snow White – 19.0%
  4. Sleeping Beauty – 9.5%

Belle is indeed a charmer, but never forget that Snow White has seven little live-in helpers to do all the housework.

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