Front-end development

We need a modern traffic analytics service for our WiFi partners.

The Cloud, a SKY UK company, provide publicly-accessible WiFi services for many UK businesses. Their partners want to understand the types of people that are using the service and when their busiest times are. Fife-V built a React front-end, deployed using wepback, to expose statistics and trends for The Cloud’s service partners. We pulled the data from a data warehouse using custom-built APIs written in Groovy with Spring Boot. Finally, we built a thorough testing solution using a combination of Jest and Rspec tests to ensure functional and visual compliance over time.


I have a robust b2b solution but don’t have the resources to build a UI and e-commerce solution to sell it directly to consumers.

OnApp have a proven cloud and CDN platform that they wanted to sell to consumers. They had plenty of quality developers but nobody with e-commerce and front-end UI experience. That’s where we helped them out.

  • A ZendFramework PHP-based solution
  • CDN provisioning via the OnApp REST APIs
  • Local recording of statistics to support reporting and billing functionality

We are a small startup with limited resources and need to integrate our product into a PHP front-end.

API Metrics need to present API statistics collected in their application in a WordPress blog. We built the bridge and custom tags to support easy insertion of live data into blog posts.

We have a variety of services and need them to look unified and simple.

Nokia Developer is an online service comprised of many software solutions. We unified the feel of the disparate applications and tied them all into their single sign-on account structure. We make complex and diverse back-end services including MediaWiki, vBulletin and custom applications look unified and simple.