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Fife-V have been developing quality solutions since 2003. Customers say we put complex technical issues in simple terms - gaining buy-in from non-technical stakeholders. You will find us flexible and professional, easily delivering your complex technical project.

Ryan Fife

Ryan is responsible for guiding the company’s vision and growth. He was a founder of the mobile developer community, a pioneer in the wireless internet testing industry. His clients include small organisations as well as large ones such as Sky WiFi, Vodafone Italy, Freesat, Nokia, Microsoft and Ericsson South America. Although software often annoys him he simply cannot stop thinking about a problem until it's solved. He currently is rather interested in automation - Martech, DevOps, CI/CD.

Paul Edmondson

Paul Edmondson is a technical powerhouse. He is as comfortable inspecting RADIUS packets as he is aligning text headers on a web page. His previous work has included document storage solutions, mobile application development and online community nurturing. With a broad background, Paul is good at connecting disparate systems and getting them to work together. Paul brings this wealth of experience to Fife Ventures and strives to push forward the quality and stability of software daily.

Jon Howell

Doctor Jon Howell is is a writer and software developer. He has been working in technology for over 15 years and has experience in everything from developing mobile phone emulators to implementing billing systems. Jon’s varied interests and journalistic angle brings fresh insights to many projects and helps participants consider options that they were unlikely to think of otherwise.

Yu Kyoung Fife
Company Secretary

Yu Kyoung watches over the business and ensures we will continue to be around for another 15 years. She also takes the lead on some of our side ventures including the import and reselling of Somssi greeting cards.

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